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Dimitris Efthymiou Technical Office
Technical Control Company - Study - Application of Specialized Solutions & Management of Technical Projects - Drymaia Amfiklia


The office was founded in 2000 and at the beginning provided services to Public Works Technical Companies, such as the preparation of the necessary application studies and the supervision of the construction of projects undertaken by these companies, having thus actively participated in the completion of Plumbing projects (Irrigation, Sewage & Rainwater, Drainage Arrangements), Road Construction (Bridges, Engineering, Junctions), Construction (Residential Complexes, Detached Houses, Swimming Pools), Railways (Tunnels) and Industrial (Constructions in Aluminum of Greece and LARCO).

Since 2007, the office has been permanently established in Amfikleia Fthiotidos, now operating in addition to the above with the Issuance of Building Permits, Various Topographical Works as well as the Construction - Repair - Renovation - Layout of houses, shops and various other buildings.




The Technical Office takes over:

  • Elaboration of all the necessary studies for the Issuance of Building Permits for new buildings or extensions and additions to existing ones (e.g. Residential, Shops, Craft-Industrial) as well as numerous facilities (e.g. PV, Livestock, Agricultural).
  • Preparation of all necessary studies for the Legalization and Change of Use of existing buildings and facilities.
  • Topographic works with modern geodetic and high-precision satellite means.
  • Energy upgrading interventions - Repairs - Arrangements - Renovations of buildings with experienced crews of all specialties.
  • Construction of new buildings and facilities with experienced crews.


Our main goals are:

  • The design of stylish, functional and maximum energy efficient spaces and facilities, always with full respect for the needs of each customer.
  • The excellent construction quality with respect for the environment and the quality of life.
  • Absolute consistency at all stages of the work.